Relocating to Ecuador: Eyes Wide OPEN

Quick Reading, Bulleted Do's and Don'ts The Author Wishes Had Been Available Before His Own Move to Cuenca

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Make the move a smooth transition

For several years now, Ecuador has been a hot destination for gringo relocation. There have been plenty of online resources spreading information and disinformation about Ecuador as a retirement or part-time living destination.

In this book, you'll find clarity on previously confusing, elusive, under-appreciated, and/or misunderstood topics.

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Get Practical Advice

The author has drawn the insights and recommendations from his personal experience, those of other expats who he's gotten to know, and from facilitators who specialize in helping expats here navigate through the maze of getting settled and daily living.

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Supplementing income overseas

What if you need to supplement your income?

One thing that truly sets this book apart is the robust section on doing business online from wherever you live, especially the many advantages of selling information online (commonly called infopreneuring). Such businesses can completely avoid the challenges of navigating the maze of legally starting a business in a foreign country and dealing with the language barrier.

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What People Are Saying

“This book is exceptionally well written and contains everything you need to know about relocating to Ecuador. The author is an accomplished writer and he provides plenty of external links throughout the book. Out of the 5 books that I've read on relocating to Ecuador, this one is leaps and bounds ahead of the rest. It covers the topic from A to Z and everything else in between. 5 stars!”

~Expressed Reviews

“I have read this book from cover-to-cover twice and still refer back to sections again as I need to refresh my memory or get a specific piece of information. It is very thorough and very well-written. I appreciate the links to other information and the fact that Terry will answer emails, time permitting. Excellent book!”

~Nancy P.

“I enjoyed this book. It was pretty specific to Cuenca, which made it useful in that it didn't try to cover the whole country. The author covered both the positive and the negative of Ecuador in the book. Well written.”

~Paul R.